Schizophrenia & Psychosis

Schizophrenia & Psychosis

Unfortunately, cannabis is normally accentuated in the news for the negative impacts that it has. It is however, indispensable to mention here that cannabis does also have a number of different medical applications to offer. Numberless CBD hemp oil benefits make it a choice of priority for conditions like whooping cough, pain, asthma, and for sedative effects.

The latest research however has to be the one that has taken the medical studies by storm. It has now been proven that cbd oil effects the major conditions like schizophrenia and psychosis as well and is a wonderful treatment option for the victims of such calamities.

An abnormal state of mind or a psychiatric term that primarily means all sorts of lack of contact with the reality is known as psychosis.

It is to be kept in mind that psychosis itself is not a name of the disorder but only a symptom of conditions like schizophrenia and mood disorders.

There is no argument over the fact that cannabis benefits psychotropic conditions. However, the exact mechanism by which it helps a great deal in the treatment of conditions like schizophrenia has been studied recently. High concentrated or pure (with low THC) Delta 9 – tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9-THC) which was previously used has a certain risk involved to mental health of the patient. The use of cannabidiol however, negates the risk.

schizophreniaslideNo wonder a major concern that may have popped in your mind with the cbd oil treatment must have been, “Does CBD oil get you high”?

The good news for you is that the aforementioned treatment does not produce any kind of a psychological or physiological effect which may be associated with the feeling described as being high.

The cbd effects of antipsychosis are comparable to a common drug known as amisulpride, however, the extrapyramidal side effects, weight gain, and enhanced levels of prolactin is not observed with the former.

It won’t be wrong to state that CBD oil is only in the stage of its infancy, however, studies have already proven that the anxiolytic and antipsychotic effects produced by it are highly useful for the treatment of disorders like Schizophrenia. It is indispensable to mention here that Dopamine 2 over activity is the major cause associated with such mental conditions.

An endogenous cannabinoid known as Anandamide is known to counteract this over activity of dopamine. Studies have proven that CBD oil plays its role in increasing the production of Anandamide in the body in order for it to prevent the over activity of dopamine 2 that leads to mental conditions like Schizophrenia.

As far as the mental conditions are concerned, CBD medical effects are beneficial for the following major conditions:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar affective disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures

In the light of the information mentioned above, it can be taken for granted that although CBD oil treatment for mental conditions is only in its infancy, the substantial evidence which is being gained with the help of medical researches and studies depicts that it is going to be a promising drug for the treatment of Schizophrenia and psychosis in the near future.

Not only does the CBD oil turn out to be highly effective against such conditions, but it does happen to be quite safe and well-tolerated by the body.

However, the treatment has to go through major clinical trials before it can finally be considered as the gold standard. Since such clinical trials have already begun, it is only going to take a small amount of time before we have affirmative proof regarding the effectiveness and safety of CBD oil for the treatment of mental conditions. As soon as we have the evidence, we’ll update you further.