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How to Safely Use Cannabis Outdoors (for Seniors)

How to Safely Use Cannabis Outdoors (for Seniors)

How to Safely Use Cannabis Outdoors (for Seniors)


Using cannabis outside can be a lovely and freeing experience. Plus, sometimes it’s necessary to medicate right where you are. But most places, cannabis use in public is not allowed, even if it is legal in the state. In Colorado, for example, smoking in public areas is prohibited. Here are a few tips on how you can safely medicate outside.


Hide it in Plain Sight

According to Herb, you should stash your cannabis away when going out in public. Simply tuck it inside your gum or mints container, or inside a baggie where you keep your pills. That way, you won’t run into any trouble when carrying it with you.


Avoid Using Smokables

Unless absolutely necessary, avoid smoking in public places. Instead, use a vape pen or eat an edible. If you definitely must smoke, use a sploof , a paper towel or toilet paper roll with a dryer sheet at the end of it. If you blow your cannabis smoke into that, the smell will be shrouded.


Enjoy the Outdoors

If you are opting to smoke outside instead of doing so out of necessity, choose to smoke in a beautiful location, like on a hike. You are less likely to get caught, and more likely to enjoy the scenery. Just be aware that national parks are considered federal property, so you want to be careful in places like that.


Just Take a Little

If you are dosing up on cannabis in public for the first time, smoke, vape or eat a little less than you normally would. This will ensure you have a good time and don’t feel overwhelmed in a new setting.

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