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Regulations May Be Coming To CBD Products In New York

Regulations May Be Coming To CBD Products In New York

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – New York State is on track to regulate CBD and hemp products, with lawmakers saying the rules are needed to protect consumers as the market for such products booms.

Those regulations have now come in a bill co-sponsored by state Sen. Jen Metzger.

While marijuana legalization overall failed in Albany, this bill was salvaged and passed the Legislature on the last day of the session.

“The FDA has not put forward federal regulations yet and it’s kind of been left to the state at this point,” Metzger said.

She says the goal is to help the consumer.

“That they’re getting a quality product that’s been tested and that has accurate labeling information,” she said.

CBD products are popping up everywhere, from ice cream to coffee to pet products.

Metzger’s bill mandates licenses for growers, manufacturers and extractors, with a goal of keeping things local.

“It does require that processors source the hemp from New York farmers,” she said.

Gov. Cuomo still has to sign the bill. He has yet to take a public position on it.


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