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Knowing Your Cannabis Social Etiquette

Knowing Your Cannabis Social Etiquette

One of the great things about stoners, both pot professionals and occasional users, is that they’re generally amiable people. They may have their social quirks like anyone else, but if need be, those quirks and tendencies can be quelled with a little lesson on the etiquette of cannabis use. It is definitely a thing.

First things first, don’t bogart that joint, my friend. We all know the rule of puff, puff pass, but, even if your story is the most engaging piece of oratory in the room, don’t hold the joint hostage while you tell it. In fact, you can pause for effect, punctuating a point, with a strategic and gracious hit and hand off.

Once you’re done with that joint, go to the bathroom and freshen up before going back out into the world. There’s nothing shameful or that needs to be hidden about cannabis, however, like with alcohol, if you reek of it when in public, you carry more of the vestiges of a stigma with you. Normalizing weed doesn’t mean making a spectacle of it.

Offering cannabis in the form of a tincture, even high grade CBD tincture, or an edible at a social event or dinner is naturally circumstantial. Use your best judgement as to if appropriate and don’t partake if the other party declines. Especially at a cannabis business meeting, it may be appropriate, especially if a product sample, but offer to let them take an edible with them rather than consume on the spot. They may need to drive or have other meetings to attend.

Even if you’re lucky enough to live in a legalized state that allows for social consumption, still, don’t be a nuisance and be welcoming. If someone asks to join your table, make room, pass the e-nail and maybe everyone will be able to try some new product. If you’re running low and really only brought enough for personal use, but know the place and its owners, offer to introduce the newbies.

If you are the newbie, be polite, try to BYOC the first few visits at least unless in dire need, but just be yourself. The cannabis community, no matter how much it cleans itself up, is still a group of individuals who usually lack prejudice and who are rich in compassion. As the cannabis movement started for real in the medical world, it is that aspect of wellness and giving that are the roots to where we’ve grown.

Don’t be afraid to ask, but whether asking, offering or simply sitting in, do it with simple love. That’s the biggest bit of etiquette there is in the cannabis community. And always pass to the left.

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