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How to Keep the Flame Alive with Cannabis

How to Keep the Flame Alive with Cannabis

How to Keep the Flame Alive with Cannabis


Nothing goes with love like cannabis; it is a great aid for sex, it helps couples open up to each other, and it’s a wonderful ice breaker. And now more than ever, couples are getting connected for the first time or keeping things hot and heavy well into older age.


Many things are contributing to this, from the sex-positive older women in Grace & Frankie to the advent of cannabis and other products that help with sex during older age. Here are a few ways to keep the flame alive with cannabis for as long as you want to.


It’s a Great Icebreaker

According to Big Think, one of the hardest things about dating can be found that initial first topic. What do you say when you are attracted to someone but not used to dating, or if you feel conversation in your relationship has grown stagnant? If you are both cannabis smokers, this is a great way to break the ice. Swapping funny stoned stories or talking about favorite strains is a good way to get to know each other without a lot of pressure.


Conversations will be More Authentic.

Many people like alcohol as a first-date aid; it makes you looser and more self-conscious. However, if you have one too many drinks, you could find yourself bragging about a bunch of things you don’t really know how to do, or just generally making a fool out of yourself. Plus, some seniors are not supposed to drink with the medications they are taking. With cannabis, you can have relaxed conversations that don’t rely on talking big or trying to one-up each other, and that will really get things started out on the right foot.


It doesn’t drastically affect behavior.

According to Merry Jane, another thing that is nice about cannabis is how while it can increase sex drive, it doesn’t affect behavior. Cannabis provides a good high and allows you to relax a little, but other than being a bit more hungry or temporarily forgetful, it isn’t going to change who you are. You can be authentic with someone you’ve always loved, or get to know someone new.


It helps you relax.

If you’re like most people, a huge hindrance in dating is probably your nerves. Many first dates that could result in something great are probably skipped altogether every day because people are awkward or think they aren’t smart or good looking enough for the other person. Not to mention, if you haven’t been intimate in a while, it’s easy to get nervous. If you toke just a little before that first date, or before the bedroom, it can really help to put your mind at ease and just let you relax and authentically be with the person.


It’s a fun first-date topic.

Best of all, if you are putting yourself out there and you date another cannabis enthusiast, the two of you will never run out of things to talk about the first time you hang out. If the conversation lags because one of you doesn’t know a thing about the other’s line of work or favorite movie, ask about a favor strain or smoking style, and a whole new world of possible conversation topics opens up.

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