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How To: Dab, An Easy Step by Step Guide

How To: Dab, An Easy Step by Step Guide

How to: Dab, A Step by Step Guide

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You might have heard of dabbing – but if you’re new to the world of cannabis concentrates then you might wonder, how does one dab?

In this step by step guide to dabbing we’re going to provide you with everything you need to know from what supplies you need to how to pull off your first hit without looking like a total noob.

Dabbing is growing in popularity because concentrates are so much higher in THC than regular flower – giving you a much more intense buzz off a single hit. It’s particularly enjoyed by those veteran consumers with a high tolerance or patients who need a higher dosage to find relief.

What You Need


This is essential, obviously you can’t dab without the cannabis extract. This can be oil, wax or shatter – and most common extracts are made using BHO (butane) or CO2 extraction processes, though some solventless options like rosin are available.

A Dab Rig:

This can be bought specifically designed for use with concentrates, or you can buy attachments to turn your favorite bong into your new dab rig. These pieces are able to withstand a much higher heat than regular bowl pieces.

Torch and Quartz Rod or e-Nail:

Some choose to use a propane or butane fueled torch to heat a metal or quartz rod that you touch to the “dab” or small bit of concentrate. For those who are not comfortable with using a torch for dabbing will prefer to use an e-nail, which can be heated without need for the open flame.

A “Dabber”:

This is the tool that you use to move the sticky wax or shatter from its stash spot to the bowl piece you are using.

Careful with Dosage

The best part about legal cannabis is the ability to know exactly what you’re getting when you get it. This is especially important when experimenting with dabs for the first time. Knowing the THC content in your concentrates is important when determining dosing – but rule of thumb for those new to dabbing is to start with a dose no bigger than a crumb. While it might now look like much, there is a lot of THC packed into that tiny dab.

How You ‘Dab’

Step One:

If you’re using a torch and metal or quartz rod, then you will want to start by turning on the torch and aiming the flame directly at the tip of the rod. Hold the flame to the rod until the tip turns red-hot and then remove it from the heat.

If you’re using an e-nail then you will want to turn on the nail on and follow the directions that came with your specific nail to know when it has heated sufficiently.

Step Two:

Once your rod is red-hot and you have removed it from the heat you should wait a few seconds before putting it to your dab. For a titanium or other metal, you will need to wait only about 10 seconds, but a quartz rod can take about 45 seconds to cool down enough for a perfect dab.

For those using an e-nail you should follow the instructions that came with your specific product.

Step Three:

Apply the hot tip of the rod or e-nail to the dab in your bowl and inhale just as you would if you were hitting a regular old bowl or bong. Remove the rod or e-nail from the dab when the pipe has filled with smoke and take the rest of your hit.

Step Four:

Exhale your hit and pass it along to the next in rotation as you enjoy the buzz from your first dab!

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