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How CBD Gummies Are Made

How CBD Gummies Are Made

Flavorful, fun, and filled with cannabidiol, it’s hard not to enjoy a CBD gummy. Finding safe and effective (not to mention delicious) CBD gummies is now easier than ever, and can generally be ordered online right to your doorstep through trusted brands like NewtimesCBD But, have you ever wondered how these tasty little treats are made? Fun tip—it’s easy, and it all starts with extraction.

How CBD Gummies Are Made

CBD gummies depend on one essential ingredient: CBD, of course! You can’t make infused gummies without first isolating CBD. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, a natural chemical compound produced by the cannabis plant. Most CBD products are created from extracts of a specific type of cannabis plant called hemp. Hemp and cannabis are the same plants, but each type produces different chemical constituents.

To get CBD, extraction technicians must separate oily hemp resin from the plant material. CBD is locked away inside cannabis resin much like aromatic compounds are locked away in plant essential oils. To separate CBD from the plant, technicians typically use one of two methods: a solvent extraction or a CO2 extraction.

Solvent extraction is much more dangerous since it’s accomplished with highly flammable products such as butane, ethanol, isopropyl, propane, or alcohol. These solvents are used to dissolve away your flower’s terpene and cannabinoid contents, separating it from the plant matter, and allowing it to collect into a concentrated cannabis resin.

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The CO2 method, on the other hand, is not only safer but also a much cleaner form of extraction. CO2 functions as a solvent after it’s exposed to high temperatures and pressure, allowing it to reach a “supercritical” state. That’s why this method is often called “supercritical CO2 extraction.” Supercritical CO2 extractions create a cleaner product since CO2 doesn’t contain any of the chemical residues you find in solvents like butane. It’s also non-flammable, meaning the extraction can be done much more safely.

While supercritical CO2 extractions may be more expensive, they’re considered the gold standard in the cannabis industry and create a much purer product. Trusted providers of CBD gummies like SeniorCBD will normally list their manufacturing processes directly on their website for the benefit of consumers.

Once you have extracted your CBD in the form of resin or o, it’s refined even further to isolate CBD. This CBD isolate is then ready to infuse into gummies!

Making CBD Gummies

Making gummy candies is kind of like making extra-thick Jell-O. All gummies, whether infused or not, are made with three primary ingredients:

  •           Sugar
  •           A thickener (gelatin or fruit pectin)
  •           Flavoring

Natural coloring, starches, and other ingredients are also often added to ensure the right consistency. To make CBD gummies, these primary ingredients are mixed, heated, and poured into molds. CBD isolate is added after the cooking process to infuse the gummies before they harden. The reason for this is that CBD begins to deteriorate at about 392°F (200°C). To preserve the quality of your CBD isolate, it’s better to add it in after the majority of the cooking process is done. After adding your CBD isolate, and once the mixture cools in the mold, it transforms into the chewy and delicious CBD gummies that we all know and love.

Vegan CBD Gummies

Believe it or not, CBD gummies are not always vegan. That’s why it’s important to read the ingredients before making a purchase. Some products, are made with vegan fruit pectin instead of animal-derived gelatin, making them vegan-friendly.

CBD Gummies

What Are CBD Gummies Good For?

CBD gummies are one of many different ways to take CBD. You could argue that gummies are a more flavorful alternative to an oral capsule, and often feature comparable doses, with sometimes up to 25 milligrams of CBD.

Like capsules, gummies are an oral form of CBD. That means they are swallowed and digested rather than inhaled or absorbed through the skin. CBD gummies might take longer to kick in than inhaled or topical products, but the potential benefits are often similar, including:


Everyone responds differently to CBD. But, relaxation is one of the most common reasons that people try CBD gummies. Like a hot cup of tea or a great glass of wine, CBD is something that many consumers use to unwind. Next time you need some serious rest and relaxation, pair a gummy with a hot bubble bath.


CBD is a non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant. Many consumers explore CBD as an alternative to psychoactive cannabis; CBD may award consumers many of the same benefits as THC-type cannabis, but without the notable changes in cognition or intoxication.

That’s because, unlike CBD, THC is a psychoactive cannabis compound, and is responsible for the euphoric “high” feeling that recreational cannabis consumers enjoy. Full-spectrum CBD products are legally required to contain less than 0.3%THC, which is a small enough dose that users will not experience any of its psychoactive properties (you won’t feel “high”), while still receiving the therapeutic benefits of low-dose THC.


Want to add a kick to your fitness routine? Many consumers use CBD for recovery after a hard workout. Early studies have shown that CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory, creates a vasorelaxation effect in certain arteries (widening and relaxing them to allow for more blood flow), and reduces blood pressure. As a result, many athletes claim that CBD helps them to recover from workouts, reducing stress and fatigue. Still, it’s important to mention that the FDA has not approved CBD supplements for this purpose.

Where to Buy CBD Gummies

Looking for quality CBD Gummies? You’re in luck! It’s now easier than ever before to find quality products both online and in stores. But there’s a trick: make sure you know what to look for before you buy.

Buying CBD Gummies Online

One of the easiest places to buy CBD Gummies is online. CBD can be shipped to your home in most U.S. states, which makes them easy to access for most Americans. When buying CBD Gummies online, however, there are a few important tips to remember:

1. Always Purchase From A Trusted Source

Do your research before buying CBD. Not all CBD products are created equal. When shopping for CBD, it’s important to purchase from a reputable source. Reading reviews is one way to quickly find quality products. Reputable CBD suppliers and websites will post-consumer reviews, along with general information about their product.

2. Read Ingredient Lists

What’s the easiest way to tell if you’re buying a good CBD product? Check the ingredients! Reputable CBD companies always post their ingredient lists, which allows you to easily see what you’re actually buying.

3. Read Lab Results

Finally, reputable companies will be transparent about their products. You should opt for companies that post their latest batch of testing results publicly, in an easy-to-locate spot on their company website. It’s also important to make sure that these tests are conducted by a third-party laboratory, signifying that the tests are completely impartial.

Companies that test their own products may be better than nothing, but it’s difficult to trust that the results are not biased. Without these publicly issued third-party lab results, there’s a chance that the CBD products you’re buying may contain things like chemicals, toxins, or pesticides, which pose human health concerns and defeat the purpose of CBD’s desired wellness benefits.

Buy CBD Gummies In-Store

Thanks to changing hemp laws, CBD gummies are now found on pharmacy and grocery shelves across the United States. Most stores, however, featured a limited selection compared to what is available online. When purchasing from a store, it can also be difficult to access reliable information about the product such as third-party test results.

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