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Getting CBD into Pharmacies: Wellness Education Automatically Key to Partnership

Getting CBD into Pharmacies: Wellness Education Automatically Key to Partnership

Amplicare, a software automation provider for pharmacies, and Ananda Professional are teaming up to bolster pharmacy access to CBD and wellness education through automation software.

“The new software will enable pharmacists to identify patients who can benefit from an Ananda Professional product and help facilitate CBD education to those patients,” notes a press release from the hemp-derived, CBD manufacturer exclusively serving independent pharmacies.

Citing information from Statista, the statement notes that CBD sales grew from just over US$100 million in 2014 to US$500 million in 2018. “The growth of the market indicates consumer interest in the natural product, which the companies believe pharmacies are well-placed to take a leadership position in providing,” it adds.

Underscoring their commitment to educating pharmacists and patients, Ananda Professional and Amplicare will initially focus on addressing patients who are on opioids or medications to treat chronic pain. “The new partnership will provide pharmacists with the tools to guide patients while playing a proactive role in mitigating the effects of the epidemic in their communities,” the statement notes.

“Guidance from a licensed pharmacist who is well-versed in patients’ medications and health histories will help ensure appropriate and effective use of hemp-derived extracts,” says Dr. Alex Capano, chief science officer and medical director for Ananda Professional.

The companies are also working closely together on a series of regional continuing education symposiums to further support the clinical education of pharmacists. The symposiums—scheduled to being in Philadelphia on May 11 and then move across different regions of the country throughout the year—will address the clinical data on CBD and best commercialization practices for pharmacists interested in providing CBD to their patients and communities.

“We were drawn to Ananda Professional’s dedication to the education of pharmacists and staff about CBD and the endocannabinoid system, as well as its commitment to product quality and transparency and the pivotal role they played in advocating for the Farm Bill,” says Matt Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Amplicare, a decision-automation platform that intelligently identifies relevant opportunities for healthcare providers to improve patient care.

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