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Earth Day & Cannabis

Earth Day & Cannabis

Earth Day and Cannabis


As if April wasn’t already full enough with good cannabis cheer because of 420, there’s also earth day! Yep, this happy holiday is all about celebrating the planet and natural resources, and cannabis fits right in with all of that. Here are a few ways that cannabis helps to save the earth, so you can celebrate it this year!


Industrial Hemp Farming

As Cannabis Reports  explains, hemp farming is a lot easier on the earth than other kinds of farming because of the rapid growth cycles of hemp. Plus, it allows a lot of things to be made out of recyclable material!


Alternative Fuels and Materials

Cannabis does a lot more than just provide fun recreational effects and important medical benefits. As Cannabis Reports explains, it also provides sustainable materials like hempcrete, a concrete for building homes made out of hemp, and hemp-based fuel for cars. All of these things can make the planet a lot more sustainable!


Sustainably-Grown Cannabis

As Westword  points out, cannabis can also have a positive impact if grown using natural pesticides and processes. Don’t claim to love the natural high of cannabis and then smoke something grown using harmful chemicals! Instead, care about where your cannabis comes from and you’ll be doing the earth a big favor.