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Colorado Passes CBD Prescription Law Ahead of FDA Approval

Colorado Passes CBD Prescription Law Ahead of FDA Approval

Colorado Passes CBD Prescription Law Ahead of FDA Approval


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The state of Colorado has been one of the states paving the way for how responsible legalization of cannabis both for medicinal and recreational purposes should look. In recent weeks the Colorado legislature has passed, and Governor John Hickenlooper has signed at least two bills that will benefit those medicating with CBD or who hope to gain access to it legally.

One of the bills that was passed this week would permit doctors to prescribe CBD based medicines – rather than recommend them as is allowed now – assuming they gain approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA is currently reviewing a CBD based medication that underwent clinical trials and was found to successfully treat intractable forms of epilepsy, LGS and Dravet Syndrome. Epidiolex is created by British drug company GW Pharmacueticals and is one of multiple cannabis and CBD based medicines by the company, but the only one currently pending approval in the U.S.

The bill amends the states definition of “marijuana” to exclude prescription drug products that are approved by the federally regulated FDA and dispensed by a pharmacy or prescription outlet registered in the state of Colorado. It also specifies that it does not change or restrict access to marijuana or industrial hemp and its derivatives that are authorized under the Colorado constitution or statutes.

A second CBD related bill that was just recently signed by Governor Hickenlooper will allow school nurses to administer cannabis treatments to students that have a medical marijuana card, a note from their doctor and permission from a parent. Parents must provide non-smokable cannabis for the school, where it will be kept in a locked storage facility until a nurse administers the medicine – which they will be provided special training before doing.

This clears up some problems for parents since Colorado law previously permitted medical marijuana at school – but only if the parents were able to come to the school to administer the dose the child would otherwise miss. Many parents struggled to find balance being able to medicate their children during school hours while also holding down a job – so after many cries to legislature, a solution was found.

While these are small developments, they both move in the right direction – continuing to improve state policies in regard to cannabis and CBD to ensure safe access for all patients.

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