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College in San Diego offering CBD Courses to Students

College in San Diego offering CBD Courses to Students

Nursing students at a San Diego college are now able to take a program in the dosage and molecular breakdown of CBD or Cannabidiol.

The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Mission Valley is the first accredited college in the U.S. to offer a program of this kind.

Some health professionals believe CBD can help with pain management, anxiety, depression, cancer symptoms, and autoimmune diseases.

“One patient could need one milligram of CBD and another could need 100 milligrams,” said Chad Conner, a professor at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. “The dosage is important, which is why I recommend seeing a healthcare practitioner.”

When recreational marijuana became legal in California in January 2019, it opened new doors for the CBD industry. But many people who sell the product do not know how much an individual will need for maximum effectiveness.

“A majority of dispensaries only have budtenders making recommendations who do not usually have formal education,” said Conner. “Patients need someone who is educated to recommend proper dosing.”

Conner said CBD is best absorbed into the system through drops into the mouth or patches that can be placed on the skin. The program also teaches nursing about doses through vapes.

Conner said water-soluble CBD products are better absorbed through the gut.

“This is an herb, so practitioners should start slow and add more dosage as you go,” added Conner.

The 8 credit course not only teaches proper dosing for patients but can also be helpful for nurses working in emergency rooms who see people suffering from marijuana overdoses.

The course is currently online and will be on campus starting in the fall.

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