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How CBD Can Help Protect Aging Skin

How CBD Can Help Protect Aging Skin

How CBD Can Help Protect Aging Skin


When it comes to aging one of the most obvious physical signs of getting older is wrinkles in the skin. Winkles are certainly a clear sign of aging, whether they are on your forehead, the corners of your eyes, or as we continue to age in our hands and other joints – and well, you get the idea.

With the growing number of anti-aging products on the market it is hard to know what the right course of treatment is when it comes to reducing the lines of age. However, a more natural alternative has cropped up in the last couple of years that may have immense potential in reducing and even reversing age lines.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the active cannabinoids in cannabis – and science suggests that CBD based skin creams may be a safe alternative to other anti-aging skin products.

Antioxidant Properties Revitalize

Most skin damage is caused by environmental sources like UV rays from the sun, smoke, and other air pollutants – but introducing antioxidants has proven to protect skin cells and their DNA from the damage of free radicals. Some studies have even found that CBD is more a powerful antioxidant than vitamins E and C, which are often found in skin revitalizing creams and lotions.

Introducing antioxidants can both increase the speed at which your skin can repair itself, as well as protect against harmful compounds before they are able to do considerable damage. Since the skin does not have any other way to protect itself, adding CBD skin care products to your routine can help you reduce the risk of environmental damage, while slowly reversing damage that has already been done.

Endocannabinoids and Oil Production

Oil production is another reason that skin tends to sag and winkle as we get older. With reduced oil production we experience dry and flakey skin, and a 2008 study found that endocannabinoids (compounds created within our own bodies that are like those found in the cannabis plant) play a role in the excretion of oil.

The study suggests that introducing cannabinoids like CBD to the cannabinoid receptors may be a way to relieve these conditions – but little research has been done on this subject so far.

While the studies on CBD and skin care are fewer and farther between than say CBD use for pain, there are no risks to using CBD skin care products, so why not give it a try?