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Cannabis for Hip and Joint Pain in Seniors

Cannabis for Hip and Joint Pain in Seniors

Cannabis for Hip and Joint Pain in Seniors

Cannabis for Hip and Joint Pain in Seniors

Cannabis can target a lot of pain areas for seniors who are suffering and don’t want to constantly depend on opiates. For those who want to lessen the cocktail of medications they take every day, cannabis can be a great substitute, or supplement, to deal with pain.

CBD Solution

The Globe and Mail confirms that now more then ever, seniors with pain are turning to CBD oil. Although at first many are skeptical about trying something that has been labeled as a drug for so long, slowly they are learning that the healing properties of cannabis can really help with pain. Whether they are rubbing a remedy on joint pain to compliment medication, or trying to replace their medication entirely, CBD oil is a great way to remedy the pain.

Arthritis Remedy

For those struggling with arthritis pain, cannabis can be a great remedy Mass Roots explains that this is one of the most commonly treated pain types with cannabis. Not only can it provide relief for tight joints, it can also target nerve pain and provide relief.

Seniors Taking a Chance

CBD and THC have always been wonderful remedies for arthritis, joint pain, and other common senior ailments. While these issues are common, they can cause severe pain and discomfort that make day-to-day living harder than necessary. Now that the stigma of cannabis as a drug is falling away, more and more seniors are turning to cannabis, and finding sweet relief.

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  1. Dear Sir: I suffer from Hip deep pain and I can not walk I am considering CBD I am 82 and in good health but if I can not walk my life is over I give lectures every week and I want to know if CBD will eventually help me with the pain and will be able to walk again only my rigth hip is the problem My e-mail is [email protected] Thank you so much Yours truly Hugo and Maria


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