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Easiest-to-Use Vape Pens for Seniors

Easiest-to-Use Vape Pens for Seniors

Easiest-to-Use Vape Pens for Seniors

If you are trying cannabis as medicine, you may have been instructed to try vaping. Using vape pens is easy and discreet, and means that you won’t actually be smoking or combusting the cannabis. However, for those who find technology altogether overwhelming, vape pens may seem like just one more device to master. Here are a few of the easiest vape pens to learn how to use.

Leafly recommends the Linx, a pen so discreet it just looks like the device used for writing. No loading necessary, just buy the correct cannabis cartridge and screw it in, and you are in business until the cartridge runs out. Your budtender can show you how the charger works and how to tell if your cartridge is out.

The Pax, also highly recommended by Leafly, is one of the top-of-the-line brands for cannabis consumers. It’s easy; just buy a refill cartridge for your pax and pop it in. The device charges on the same kind of chargers that Android cell phones use.

V2 Pro Series
This pen, recommended by Vaping 360, also just has a cartridge that you screw in, and is easy to take with you and charge. Look for one the next time you are out shopping.

This brand is compatible with a lot of vape pen cartridges, and you can just charge it up when you need to. Check it out for smooth hits and an easy-to-use shape.