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BREAKING NEWS: New Health Benefits of Cannabis

BREAKING NEWS: New Health Benefits of Cannabis

New Health Benefits of Cannabis


For a long time, it wasn’t easy to study cannabis and what it does for health. Recently, now that we can observe how cannabis impacts patients, we have learned a lot more. Here are a few recent findings about the miracles of cannabis.


Cannabis Use Probably Doesn’t Increase the Risk of Lung Cancer

According to Business Insider, cannabis can have harmful effects on the lungs if smoked, and it is better to vape or ingest. However, it is probably not linked with lung cancer risks, the way cigarette smoking is.


Cannabis Helps Relieve Pain

This one may be old news, especially to those who have been medicating with cannabis forever. But now that we are doing more studies and tests, according to Business Insider, it is clear that cannabis really does help with pain. People aren’t just asking for cannabis medicine as a cover; it provides a lot of relief.


Cannabis Helps with Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Medical News Today reports that cannabis can help with drug and alcohol addiction. A substance that used to be demonized for increasing addiction can actually be used to curb it.


Cannabis can Positively Impact Those with PTSD

Veterans have been using cannabis for a while now, and according to Medical News Today, there is a lot of research that shows cannabis can be helpful for those with PTSD. Now there is a safe way for those who have experienced trauma to find relief.

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