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The Best Cannabis Moments of 2017

The Best Cannabis Moments of 2017

The Best Cannabis Moments of 2017

It has been a wild and rocky year. Trump and Jeff Sessions don’t exactly spell out a bright future for the cannabis community, but despite all odds, there have been some great moments this year. More places than ever are moving towards legalized cannabis, or at least medical acceptance, and the industry has made some really cool advances. Here are some of the best moments so far from 2017.


November 2017 Elections

Sure, this was an election that brought us Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions, and in general an administration that isn’t too friendly to cannabis But surprisingly, it was also the best election yet when it comes to legalization. Standing Akimbo Denver  relates that, among many victories, Denver voted to allow public consumption spots, New Jersey elected a pro-cannabis governor, and Detroit approved medical cannabis.


Las Vegas Launched Recreational Sales

One of the country’s favorite cities, Las Vegas, finally legalized recreational cannabis, which has been huge. Although they got off to a rocky start with shortage of cannabis to match outrageous sales demands, Standing Akimbo Denver reports that this was a major step for the U.S. economy and boosting that lovely city.


Lots of Stocks went Public

Ever since the industry got started, savvy business folk who also puff have been waiting for stocks to go public and allow the possibility of investing. According to Benzinga , seven major stocks became tradable this year, including Emerald Health and Canopy Growth Corp. Now that stocks are publicly tradable, the industry can take advantage of all the lucrative opportunities at their fingertips to earn even more.


The Industry Showed Unity and Came Together

When Jeff Sessions got elected as Attorney General, many thought it was the beginning of the end for the industry. The man is certainly not a friend of the leafy green, but in the face of this new threat, the industry came together more strongly than ever. Many protections were passed, and local police forces even agreed to leave the industry alone in their home states. Thanks to all this unity, both medical and recreational cannabis are still standing strong.

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