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4 Ways CBD Can Make First Dates Better

4 Ways CBD Can Make First Dates Better

First dates trigger a lot of nerves and complicated emotions. While there’s excitement over the prospect of really liking someone new, it’s also a perfect situation for stress, no matter your personality. Meeting new people with the intent of dating and hanging out with them has a completely different vibe than making a new friend, no matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert.

Luckily there are ways that can help you relax without numbing your feelings or altering your perceptions. While some people choose to drink or smoke marijuana to loosen up, there’s an even better option. CBD products can help you relax while still allowing you to retain absolute control over your brain. Here are four amazing CBD products that are discreet, fun and perfect for wowing your date.

Seniors CBD Oil

If you tend to be an anxious person when it comes to dating, you can start off your date with Seniors CBD Hemp 500 Drops, ensuring that you’ll be able to engage with your date in the most relaxing and safe way possible. Each bottle of our oil is created with the finest botanicals to product maximum quality. Available on


Lulu’s Hemp Oil Chocolate

Chocolate is great at any point during the day, but especially fun to enjoy on a date. These CBD infused chocolates are discreet, vegan, contain low calories and are also delicious. Just be sure to tell your date they contain Cannabidiol before sharing!


Flowerchild Bath Bomb

These bath bombs are not only beautiful and relaxing, but a perfect way to prep for a first date. What’s a better and more natural way to chill out than CBD and Bubbles?


CBD Infused Gummies

Gummies are delicious and super relaxing, containing hemp oil and all natural ingredients. Just don’t overdo it unless you want to fall asleep mid-date! Try ours specifically formulated for Seniors on



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