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10 Practical Tips For Cannabis Beginners

10 Practical Tips For Cannabis Beginners

10 Practical Tips For Cannabis Beginners

If you decided to smoke marijuana for the first time, you probably wonder what the effects will be. The first time you experience the effect of marijuana, you should know a few basic issues to make it an enjoyable experience.

You Can’t Feel Any Effects

Smoking the marijuana for the first time you can not feel anything. Regardless of whether you have decided to consume cannabis for medical reasons or for recreational purposes, the first time you can not feel any effect, which confirms many people. This is because the number of cannabinoid receptors is too small for a sufficient amount of THC to connect to, but it can also be a matter of bad technique of puffing and other factors.

Choose The Appropriate Method

If this is your first time, then you should choose a method of consumption that will allow you to absorb small doses. Before you run marathons, you must be in a good condition for short distances. The same applies to the use of marijuana. Although this is not the healthiest method, the pipe should fulfill its task. The first effects can be felt after just one bunk, so at the beginning you do not have to smoke from the bong to clearly feel the effects. Then you can try a joint or bong, ending with concentrates.

Make Sure You Eat!

One of the basic mistakes is the lack of food. Before you smoke, get chocolate, because after consuming marijuana drops the level of sugar, so you can feel some discomfort. Another issue is munchies, during which you can forget about the feeling of being full. You will eat everything you find on hand, and the taste and smell of food will be special. It is worth to instal an app with food on the phone so that you do not have to go to the store when a small hunger will come.

Make Sure All Your Priorities Are Complete Before Lighting Up

If you’re going to smoke marijuana for the first time, it’s better to have a clear mind for this task, not to worry about the things you had to do. After a few clouds from the barrel or joint, you probably will not want to deal with duties, but you will laugh at strange things while eating a sweet tooth, lying on the couch and watching comedies. Prepare also for a nap, because indica varieties are famous for causing drowsiness.

Smoke With People You Trust

This rule applies not only to smoking but to general interpersonal contacts. If you smoke for the first time, you should do it with friends you trust. Jokers that you do not know can get you stuck in strange things, which will make you start paranoid and the “phase” will not be pleasant. Better to do it later, but in a trusted circle.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

If after the first cloud you feel that something is happening, do not be afraid to give a joint next. Your goal was to check how marijuana works, and not how the effects of “overdose” look like. If you burn too much, it will make you feel weak, pale and vomit, and you can get off your cannabis.


Go Slow At First

If you are wondering how many marijuana buds you should take at the first time, the answer is simple. Start with one puff and see how you feel. If you feel delicate effects, after a dozen or so minutes you can take another shot. It is important not to overdo it, because smoking marijuana for the first time can be easily overdone. If you eat a cannabis cookie the first time, you can expect a minimum of one hour’s effects. Cookies, however, are not recommended for the first time, because their effect is much stronger and longer noticeable. It is much easier to control the dose by smoking from a barrel, joint or vaporizer.

Don’t Be A Part Of The Statistics

Statistics say that 9% of those who used marijuana became addicted to it. This is a much lower addiction factor than alcohol or cigarettes, but you have to remember that everything can become addictive.

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